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What does "Green build" mean? This is a very complex question with a variety of answers. As an industry leader in Green build for the last 25 years, we at Strait Lumber have broken down the answer into three basic principles.

  1. Environmental sustainability - products and practices that do not harm or adversely change the environment.
  2. Energy Conservation - making our projects more energy efficient with better materials and construction.
  3. Human Responsibility - building in such a way that focuses on improving human health and enriching life.

Green building is the fastest growing sector in the industry today. Understanding of the green movement is crucial for your business to grow and flourish. At Strait Lumber we have the knowledge and resources to guide you on your journey down the green path.

Whether it was bringing in TJI's in the 1980's or becoming one of the first yards in Colorado to be FSC certified, at Strait Lumber we are on the cutting edge of Green products. We are continually searching out new materials and practices that reduce the environmental impact and energy loss while focusing on human health. We have partnered ourselves with companies like Trex who's Accent decking is made from 100% recycled materials.

If you are trying to achieve a LEED's certification or just making a "Greener" home, we at Strait Lumber can help. Give us a call or send an email and let us share our knowledge and experience with you.

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FSC® Lumber

ImageSince 2005 Strait Lumber has become a leading supplier of FSC® certified products. In particular we specialize in fire retardant, pressure treated, construction grade lumber, and plywood. Ask us about our FSC® availability.

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